Cold Store Facilities


A Pre-cooling and cold store units are annexed to Soft Fruits Pack-house.
The capacity of the cold stores exceeds 500 pallets to ensure maximum freshness of products.
Packaging and pre-cooling is completed in a few hours thanks to the very nearness of pack-house and cold store facilities to the harvest places.

Packaging Materials

Nubafarm imports some of packaging materials from Italy, Spain, Chile and the Netherlands, Hong Kong and South Africa.

  • Packaging materials have to be agreed on with clients prior to the season in order to arrange for the manufacturing or import of the required materials.
  • To ensure safety, health and quality all packaging material must be Food Grade.

Plant Propagation Materials


Nubafarm has established a number of nurseries and greenhouses for the cultivation of tissue and seedling production of bananas and oranges as follows:

  • Citrus foundation block greenhouses (FBG)
  • Citrus budwood propagation greenhouses (BPG)
  • Isolation greenhouses
  • Mother plant greenhouse
  • Propagation greenhouse
  • Rootstock greenhouse